Soft Launching DIFOSS Framework Digital Repository

Soft Launching DIFOSS Framework Digital Repository

With the spirit of open source, the DIFOSS Development Team has released the latest repository application, namely: Difoss Framework Digital Repository. Different from the previous Difoss Walanae development, this Difoss Framework Digital Repository (DFDR) is designed using Laravel.

Together with this activity, a webinar was also held with the theme: Potential and Opportunities for Institutional Repositories with Blockchain Technology, with resource persons: M. Tanzil Multazam.

Hopefully this released Framework can be useful in developing repositories in Indonesia. We realize that the release of this Framework is certainly far from PERFECT, so we will be very happy if users can provide information related to obstacles, criticisms and suggestions in developing this version better in the future.

Friends can download this FDFR on the website or via the link Github.

DIFOSS Framework Digital Repository Release Webinar

For a tutorial on installing on localhost, you can follow this guide: